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Commissioned Artwork
by Janet Jensen

If you haven't been able to find that "perfect picture," commissioning a unique work of art may be the solution. Besides the depth, detail, and sensitive rendering consistently found in Jan's style, paintings commissioned by a client embody a personal element unique to each work.

A commissioned painting is a work of art in the artist's own style and manner, done under contract by the artist for a specific client. A subject for a commissioned wildlife painting holds special meaning for the client and is often based on a unique relationship, an inspiring experience, or a meaningful event. Examples include landscapes, elk or deer in their natural environment, favorite wilderness fishing spots, or special hiking trails and views. The focus is wildlife; the subject is your own.

A commissioned painting may be developed directly from the subject, from a client's photographs, from photographic studies specifically undertaken by the artist, or from a combination of these approaches. In all cases, direct communication between client and artist is essential for developing the finished work.

Prices for commissioned works of art are based on several factors, including the nature of the subject, the approach agreed on, and the size of the finished piece. We can also arrange for matting and framing.

For further information about commissioned works of art, send an email to; or visit the Contact Me page for additional options.

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